Ralph Gonzales

Selection Committee Member

Why 7MIF Matters to Me

Creating awareness that today’s families can structure their spiritual and moral values, understanding that the inner and outer beauty is achieved through knowledge of the Biblical truth in order to achieve win traditions imposed by religions, freeing next generation from prejudices and fears for the family to be truly free and fulfilled for future generations.

About Ralph Gonzales

Achieved profitability improvements, paring expenses while improving customer satisfaction, quality, and employee engagement/retention. Areas of impact include:

• Strategic Planning & Leadership
• Marketing & Business Development
• Logistics Element Management & Budgeting
• Human Resources/Team Building
• Revenue & Profit Growth
• New Product/Service Development
• Information Systems Strategy
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Lean Operations


Served on Church Growth Brainstorming Committees, Church member and Spiritual Gift Facilitator, Community Involvement, Board Of Director Member, Pastoral Selection Member

14 years of experience directly supporting Pastor and Trustees in the operations and maintenance of the church logistical requirements, thereby allowing Pastor and Spiritual Leader to focus on the spiritual health and nurturing of church members.

Areas of Church service include:

• Maintenance and Operation of Church Properties
• Research and Development of Television Ministry
• Community Networking (Chamber Of Commerce, Senior Citizens, County Fairs)
• Church Constitution & By-Laws Development
• Budget Review, presentation/participation to Church members
• Youth Camp Member
• Youth and Adult Activities Coordinator
• Bible Study Leader
• Van Driver to pick up church members as needed

Restored Ministries, Ventura County, 2014 -Present

“Restore us, O God; make your face sine on us, that we may be saved.” Psalm 80:3

Restored Ministries: About Restored Ministries………is all about the Cross (Jesus Christ) and how we each can focus on Him through the Holy Spirit and The Word. Restored Ministries is not a church, in the terms as having a congregation or building, more of a Christian organization, is an extension of various churches that desires is to help in achieving the relationship of man and woman in the spiritual, moral, social and economic areas through a relationship with God. We with a passion for The Cross, offer knowledge to the family to improve their relationship with each other, Creating a visionary mindset from generation to generation and knowledge to governments to lead people toward a more useful and liberal life, and a healthy soul.

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