Michael Collazo

7MIF Founder and Selection Committee Member

Why 7MIF Matters to Me

For most people, hope is the difference between pursuing or forfeiting dreams. Jesus demonstrated that we must give hope to and improve the world around us. The migrant communities of Ventura County are precious. There are young people there who feel they have to sacrifice their futures to help their families make it. At the heart of 7MIF we want to help guide young people into a future where both things are possible.

About Michael Collazo

I have an MBA, a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, and work for a Fortune 500 company in procurement. I am happily married to my best friend Nicole Collazo.

I spent seven years at UCLA learning to grow personally and professionally under an incredible mentor. He wasn’t a Christian at all but he cared for me personally more than any adult I had met before. I learned to reach out and teach those around me everything I could that could give them a unique skill or advantage. To this day I find myself becoming a mentor or helper to anyone God puts in my path. I believe with all my heart that the spirit of mentorship has to catch fire in the Church for us to see the next generations feel hope and know that they are not abandoned by God. There is no one church or organization that is coming to change the world. Jesus has placed work in all of our hands until his return. Every individual action matters.

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