Kerri Fitzgerald

Selection Committee Member

Why 7MIF Matters to Me

 I am very excited with the launching of the 7MIF. It is a much needed scholarship based vocational training program for our area of Oxnard, California. Our community is home of 1000’s of hardworking, field, migrant workers, who raise bright and outstanding children. As parents we all desire for our children to grow up as happy, productive, and successful adults.  Unfortunately, many of these parents in this specific community do not have the means to send their children to college nor to a vocational training program to further their education for a better future.

I believe attending Vocational Training School for a particular skill or trade is highly beneficial for one’s livelihood and the communities we live in. Being of self-sufficiency determines one’s success, satisfaction, and happiness in life.

About Kerri Fitzgerald

28 years ago I became a single mother of 2 young children, I attempted to finish college but realized I needed to learn a skill in a reasonable amount of time to be able to support my children. I decided to return to school, a vocational/ technical school to learn the skill of Surgical Technology. It was a one year program, To this day I still love the career choice I made without regrets. I was self-sufficient and always able to care for my children

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