There are no rich or poor in the Kingdom of God. We believe that Christians are called to leadership positions in the Seven Mountains of Culture — Government, Education, Business, Media, Religion, Family, and Art. 7MIF exists to acknowledge that the children of Hispanic migrants are part of our family in Christ Jesus. They are called to be among today’s leaders and have an equal share of the inheritance of Christ Jesus.

This scholarship program for Christian Hispanic migrants bridges the gap between high school completion and career field entry, assisting young migrants in securing paths to opportunity. 7MIF provides funding for vocational and trade programs in Ventura County. This provides the children of Hispanic migrant families the opportunity to quickly obtain skills that are in high demand and enter the workplace.

Migrants Face Unique
Socioeconomic Pressures

The goal of 7MIF is to provide an optimal solution where one is needed. In our close work with the Hispanic migrant communities in Ventura County we have observed instances of young people faced with the choice between helping their families or getting an education. In certain homes young men and women are eager to assist their parents in bearing the financial burden of a family. The 7MIF program embraces a solution in which skills and education can be quickly obtained, at an attainable cost, through vocational or trade organizations. 7MIF scholarship winners will receive assistance with tuition and mentoring from people who are determined to see them succeed. By funding the vocational education of our Christian migrant brothers and sisters, we aim to guide them to a future where both an education and stable income can be achieved relatively quickly.

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