7MIF Makes First Award!

Michael Collazo, Nicole Collazo, Ralph Gonzales, Scholar Angel Martinez, Scholar Alex Gomez, Ted Alan, and Kerri Fitzgerald

On October 1st, 2021, the 7MIF Scholarship Committee presented winners Angel Martinez and Alex Gomez with certificates, fully funding their educational programs. Angel and Alex will both pursue credentialed programs that will fully prepare them for their professions of interest in under one year. Both young men were assigned a 7MIF mentor that will counsel and pray with them as they find their way forward. We had the honor of praying with them and assuring them that the full support of the committee is behind them. Our ceremony concluded with joy and the pronouncement of blessings over their future. Our hearts welled up with gratitude, that God had put such special young people in our path. Alex and Angel shared personal stories with us and a passion to impact the future that touched us deeply. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is worthy of all glory.

About Angel Martinez: Angel carries the gentle nature of Christ and was a pleasure to meet in person. Angel will complete his Physical Trainer certification and hopes to use his proximity to people to encourage them. He actively leads Bible studies and participates in part time teaching at a local ministry school.

Angel Martinez (Right) with mentor Ralph Gonzales (Left)

About Alex Gomez: Alex is a star. This young man brings backpacks to children in need and has demonstrated a deep love for his community. Alex chose to pursue a better education instead of taking a higher wage this year. He will be a certified Phlebotomist within several months.

Alex Gomez and mentor Ted Alan

We thank you for your interest in and support of 7MIF! May the Lord give us more of an impact on the future and use us to spread His love!

Yours in Christ,
Michael and Nicole Collazo

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